The purpose of this website is to publish Bob Dylan's lyrics as translated into French.
The website is on Francois Guillez's account, who also did translations wherever they are unsigned.
Web design and HTML coding were made by Laurent Carluccio.

In translating Dylan's lyrics, I have attempted to remain as faithful as possible to the original, while at the same time creating a French text that can stand on its own, without reference to the English version.

There is no such thing as the perfect translation, especially when it comes to Dylan's lyrics, which are full of puns, slang and poetic images, which resist translation into another language.
Readers may disagree with some of my translations.
This is inevitable, and I welcome your comments, but please try to remain positive and include your own suggestions, so that I can give them serious consideration, and perhaps improve what I have published.

Please send your comments, positive or negative, to moonpeeler[at]yahoo[dot]com.

We (Laurent and myself, Francois) would like to thank all the people who helped us along, especially (in no particular order):
Alain B. whose idea originated this site, Anna Devivo, Shep, Michel Pomarede, David Pomarede, Valerie Charlez, Agnes Chaput, Christophe Veyrat, Gerard Poillet, Marie M., JFC, Pierre Mercy, Christian Barbier, Derek Barker, Keith Wootton, Francois Payen, Denis Stephan, Arthur Louie, Cyrille Blanc, Ole Sivert, Thelma Blitz...