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A world authority on the work of Bob Dylan, and an expert on rock’n’roll history:
Michael Gray's site

Critical analysis of Bob Dylan and his lyrics, in the English language, or other languages with a translation in English:
The Bob Dylan Critical Corner

Religious analysis of Dylan's lyrics:
Tangled Up In Jews
Kees de Graaf

Musicological analysis (containing also many songs guitar chords, and harmonicas keys):
My Back Pages

Bob Dylan's books Bibliography (impressive!!!):
Conclusions On The Wall

Bob Dylan's magazines and articles Bibliography (even more impressive!!!):
20 lbs. of Headlines

Photographs and holy paintings:
Picture Books of the Pyramid
Bob Dylan year by year
Bob Dylan Photo Gallery
Bob Postcards Gallery - Concert photographs of rock bands from the past 30 years

Articles, reviews, FAQ, images, interviews, discography, etc.:
Egil's All Dylan
John Howell’s Bringing It All Back Home

Recordings by other artists performing the songs and music of Bob Dylan:
Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan

EDLIS: Originally Exchange of Dylan Lyrics when they were unavailable, nowadays newsgroup archives:
Exchange of Dylan Lyrics - Internet Service

Every unreleased Dylan's recording on audio or video tapes:
The Unofficial Bob Dylan Free Tape Library
You can trade these tapes against blank ones, following scrupulously the indicated process.

Bootleg cds and cdrs lists:
The Bob Dylan CD & CDR Field Recordings Review
Bob's Boots
Lyrics & Bootlegs
Your link with lossless Dylan music

Search for a song in live shows:
his bobness

Bootlegs Artwork:
Portal to artwork websites

The English fanzine "The Telegraph", ceased at his founder's death:
The Telegraph

In Spain:
His songs covered in Spanish

In Brasil :

In Italy :
Bread Crumb Sins
Sito italiano

In France:
COME WRITERS AND CRITICS The Bob Dylan's Fan International Bookshelf - scans of books, magazines, songbooks

Bob Dylan's quotations:
His Quotations DylanQuotes

Dylan 64-66:
His Life and Work, 1964-1966

His roots:
Roots of Bob
Bob Dylan Musical Roots and Influences Pages

Films, televisions, videos:
TV Talkin’

Don't Look Back:

Songs lyrics as they were really sung:
Dylan songs (or traditional songs)
Lonesome Sparrow's Web Site
lyric variations from original versions of his songs

Last time he played that song:
How Long Has It Been Since Dylan Played

Official Rarities:
Bob Dylan's Official Rarities

Bob's native town (in English and French):
Positively 24th Street

His friends:
Friends Along The Way

Maps of his tours:
Cartographie du NET

Info in real time on Bob Dylan :

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