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the oldest one:
-, aka RMD, or rmd.
Note : This newsgroup is not moderated, but please follow the netiquette, in particular do not post cd or tape lists, this has to be done by email.
Access method :
- Download your Internet provider newsgroups, and look for If you can't find it, change provider !
- Browser access: Google
or else: > Archive > Rec >

Google (which bought Dejanews) also keeps archives, indexed on miscellaneous criteria.
or else Mailgate.
- Since 2001, a French newsgroup has been opened.
- You can also subscribe to Highway 61, a moderated emailed broadcast list:
send to:
Leave the subject blank, and in the first line of the body of the message type:
SUBSCRIBE HWY61-L firstname lastname

- egroups: Another smaller newsgroup, accessible either by a mailing list or on the web.

- Web site expectingrain discussion group


I'm sorry I cannot tell you the ftp sites adresses, but they exist, look for them. Actually they don't seem to exist anymore...


#Dylan = Dylan's IRC channel.
Once you installed an IRC client, log to the server and enter "/join #bobdylan" or "/join #dylan" in order to join Bob Dylan's chat.
If you ever try this, bear in mind that most people on this chat are from the US, and they are still asleep when everybody's awake this side of the pond !

Feel free to ask for further information at our email.
I'd be very grateful to anyone telling me of any broken link.

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